Di Percy, with a background in business and psychology and with long experience guiding company and personal transitions, gives us a brief overview of what we can expect from her session Elderhood: What really matters at Words in Winter this year.



Although this talk is designed with over 50’s in mind, What Really Matters touches everyone.  Considering what really matters to you is an exercise in clarity, direction and stripping back what is peripheral.

That is bound to bring some chances for change to life. To hone in on what really matters takes us back to the core of who am I, a chance to leave the wastelands and shed some of the extra loads we carry. Then lighter, life continues.

Already it is nearly spring. I wonder if like me, you continue to be amazed at how quickly time passes as we age. Although it’s cliché, this notion is cause for some reflection. The line about “Christmas being here again before we know it”, can also be code about your lifetime passing quickly.

During the process of becoming an elder we start to notice how much time we have left, yet what matters more is living the best quality life that we can muster. This interactive session will investigate elements that make up life quality.


We are looking forward to this session from Di on Sunday 26th August at 12pm. For more information and to book tickets, go here.