Festival Spotlight: David Holmgren asks Can a Book Change the World?

This is indeed a good question for a Writers Festival!

If the book in question is from permaculture co-originator, David Holmgren the answer could well be ‘yes’.

We are thrilled to have David as a major speaker at the festival this year. Not only is David globally recognised and respected as a writer, thinker, teacher and a thought-provoking speaker, he and his wife Su Dennett are also a driving force in this community, and huge supporters of Words in Winter.

David will be joined by acclaimed writer Cate Kennedy in this session, which will undoubtedly draw a huge crowd. Together they will explore the power of ecological writing and David will reflect upon his own writing life and its influence on society.

‘My writing life has been an evolving expression of permaculture ethics, principles and practices that increase our collective potential to survive and thrive challenging futures,’ says Holmgren.

If the success and global impact of David’s first publication, Permaculture One (co-written with Bill Mollison), or his 2002 book Permaculture: Pathways & Principles Beyond Sustainability are anything to go by, then I’d say a book can definitely change the world.

Come along on Saturday 18 August at 2pm to listen to two of Australia’s most thought-provoking & visionary writers. Tickets are available online here, and will also be available at the door.

David and his team are also presenting Inside RetroSuburbia – The Makings of a Book at the festival on Sunday 19 at 1pm, discussing their unconventional and radical book creation and distribution process.

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