Presented by Daylesford’s own Toby Sime, this event on the power of the sonnet is not to be missed! One of the best-loved, most enduring poetic forms ever devised, the Sonnet’s 140 brief syllables can transmit whole lifetimes of thought and feeling, or capture the beauty, poignancy, mystery of some fleeting, irreplaceable moment.

Come hear a talk on the evolution and continuing power of this potent little verse-bomb from a lifetime admirer of ‘The calling-card of the Western mind’.

Toby Sime grew up in Daylesford, and has been writing poetry since the age of eight. He studied literature at LaTrobe, Melbourne and Ballarat universities, and at Boston College, Massachusetts. He has tutored and lectured on literature, as well as publishing poems and short stories. He still lives in Daylesford with his family.

$15/ $10 concession