Photos from Maryborough – mid-August 2013

Justine Sless – fabulous Melbourne Comedy Festival show against the backdrop of quirky Central Goldfields Art Gallery word and collage exhibition “Cut with the Kitchen Knife” – which has audio visual components as well as three dimensional installation art.

Spike and Justine

Audience and Justine

Justine and Audience at Gallery

Justine and James' Guitars

Northcote and Justine

Very interesting hour long talk by Steve Greenwood, long time local bottle collector, and the history stories were totally fascinating, including the story behind Coke bottles

Steve Greenwood Bottle Talk

Steve Greenwood Bottle Talk Info Centre Maryborough

Steve Greenwood Bottles

It was a very exciting 2 hours with songwriter Fay White, an amazing teacher who brought out almost complete songs from the participants in that time. They will work on them more next session and then see who feels ready to possibly present to public.

Fay White Songwriting

Songwriting Session

Songwriting Session