Photos from Celebrating the Real Story of Tilly Aston, Carisbrook

Celebrating the Real Story of Tilly Aston, Carisbrook History Society, 8 August 2013

It was well attended by Vision Australia groups, local seniors and others with 30 people in total, and it was fabulous!

Tilly Aston Carisbrook Info

Carisbrook Lions Hall Tilly Aston Entrance

Ian Dougall Tilly History Talk

First up reading was local resident Ian Dougall on Tilly Aston’s history

Edith Rabone Tilly Memoir Active Reading

Edith Rabone doing readings from Tilly’s celebrated Memoirs

Susan Censi Tilly Aston Sensory Garden Overview

Susan Censi, who is mainly behind the push to get this local luminary recognized with the Tilly Aston Sensory Garden for the visually impaired and disabled, presenting some of the aromatic plants which will go in it

Susan Censi Demonstrating Plant Types for Tilly Sensory Garden Soap Bush

Susan Censi demonstrating plant types for Tilly Sensory Garden Soap Bush

Plant Samples for Audience from Susan Censi

Plant samples for the audience from Susan Censi

Tilly Aston Entry in Women's Honour Roll International Women's Day Booklet 2011

Tilly Aston’s entry in the Women’s Honour Roll International Women’s Day Booklet 2011

Susan Censi and Judith Healey Fabulous! as Tilly Aston Organizers

Pictured with Susan is Judith Healey, Carisbrook resident and secretary of the History Society there.